Safe Water for All | Prepaid Water ATM

Susteq believes that everyone has a right to reliable water access. We help water utility companies, NGO’s and foundations to reduce non revenue water via installation of prepaid water ATM meters in rural and peri-urban communities. Because people in these communities pay a small amount for water access, their water points can be maintained in a sustainable way. Together we can make a success of your water points and water projects.

Advantages of the Susteq Prepaid Water ATM solution


Susteq Water ATM’s can accommodate 1 to 3 taps (outlets) that can be used simultaneously to serve more customers per water ATM.

The Susteq ATM tap standard tap diameter is 1″, suitable for quick filling even at low pressures.

Can operate without mobile network being present.
Susteq Water ATM’s power usage is very low, it works with a 5W solar power unit making it easy and cost effective because no grid power is needed.

Data ownership is with the client, its possible to export data and use it in the way a client sees fit.

Automatic software updates (OTA).
Pro poor pricing options, for example it is possible to have a free or lower charged amount of liters per consumer per day or week.

Tap Diameters are available up to 2″ making the ATM also suitable for example for cattle water supply and truck filling stations.


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