Our main activities take place in East Africa where we work with local distributors like Maji Milele. We are ready to expand to other countries. Below two examples of our customers.

Utility, net water supply
Utilityimage-7c8jny companies in developing countries are often struggling with water that that is not being paid for. Also called non-revenue water. This can be either technical loss (a leak that is not detected) or commercial (illegal taps or people who do not pay bills). As a solution, Susteq has equipped many water points in urban areas with prepaid meters to provide people with a safer reliable water source at low cost.

  • The Water Hub dispensers monitor how water points operate.
  • Dashboard and Alerts allow tracking of sales and provide warning in case of any maintenance issues.
  • A small pre-payment via Tags by end-users to fetch water allows revenue collection to maintain the water supply.

Decentral distribution
Inimage-c9utny many African communities there is no- or poor quality water grid. This can leave people without water access for months, forcing them to fetch polluted water or buy poor quality water at high prices. Treatment systems that solve this are there but difficult to earn back the investment. Susteq supports treatment system providers and local entrepreneurs to get safe water to people.

  • The Water Hub is linked with the treatment systems and can detect maintenance need.
  • Via the Dashboard and Alerts entrepreneurs see which distribution points need service or water supply.
  • Payment for water via Money Transfer and Tags enables return on investment of treatment system and water point service.

Below two examples of projects in Kenya and Tanzania