We support our customers in providing High Quality, Smart Delivery and Easy Payment. Reducing Non Revenue Water (NRW). The products of Susteq consist of the following components: Susteq prepaid water ATM.

  • Water Hub and Tap Modules for high quality dispensing.
  • Dashboard + Alerts to support smart delivery of service.
  • API, Money Transfer + Tags and Shop Hub contributing to easy payment.

Highselection_019 Quality
Each Susteq water point can monitor the status of the water dispense to keep the water point in top condition.

Water Hub + Tap Modules
The Susteq Water Hub is the access point where people can fetch safe water. One Water Hub can have one to three Tap Modules.

Smart selection_020Delivery
The Susteq Dashboard and Alerts allow timely intervention when sales are low or maintenance is needed.

Dashboard + Alerts
The Susteq Dashboard gives insight in the water distributed and credits sold. Alerts can be set to automatically warn in case of specific events.

Easyselection_021 Payment
Susteq API and Money Transfer reduces cost and income loss via non-revenue water. It is integrated with local payment.

API, Money Transfer + Tags
The credit sales take place at a kiosk or other vending point. Money Transfer ensures easy and safe payments. Tags allow payments even when offline.

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