Susteq is about safe water at low cost

For each and everyone of us safe drinking water is a basic need. Still, one in every ten persons on this planet have no access to safe drinking water. Drinking contaminated water results in high health cost or even death.  

We believe that every person has the right to safe drinking water, which is close to their families and at low cost. This water can and should be delivered in a triple bottom line sustainable way. Meaning: social, environmental and financially sustainable.

With our solution, payments are used for a continued supply of safe drinking water. The promise of Susteq is to get safe drinking water at low cost to as many people as possible.

This animation explains the problem with water access and the solution Susteq provides.


We support a Water Service Provider (WSP) with implementation of a water payment and monitoring system. End-users receive a RFID-tag to gain water access via micropayments. Via the Internet back office kiosk sales and water usage can be monitored. Together we can offer water which is up to 75% less expensive than other alternatives available on the market.

Meet the Susteq team.